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  • Hydro Grow - Sol2 LED Grow Light - Displaying 2 - 50 Watt Integrated LED's
  • Hydro Grow - Sol2 LED Grow Light - Displaying Fusion Reflectors
  • Hydro Grow - Sol2 LED Grow Light - Displaying Patent Pending Spectrum
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Sol 2 - 100 Watt LED Grow Light

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Product Description

Using the latest technology trend of integrated LEDS, the Sol 2 LED grow light is considered a sensational engineering design. It actually emits light beams that are so intensely bright it was named after the sun. Hydro Grow’s sophisticated, Patent Pending third generation spectrum encompasses quantum balancing that guarantees tremendously fast plant growth rates, solid internode spacing, ultra dense flowers, gigantic fruits, and abundant yields that would break the record every time! Designed for effective use in a 6 sq ft (2 ft X 3 ft) area Sol 2 has been tested and proven to have PAR output that matches that of the 250W HPS.

Spectrum is only one part of the equation to achieve high yields; the other side involves efficient delivery of light through the plant tissues using high intensities for maximum penetration and absorption. This aspect is taken care of by Hydro Grow’s Patent Pending Fusion Reflector, specifically designed to blend as well as focus the full 100% output from the LEDs and into the light beam. Compared to other LED grow lights, Sol 2 also has the edge of not using acrylic or glass lenses that often block up 10% of transmitted light in each layer.

 Product Features

  • Easy warranties and Fully upgradeable modular internal build
  • Simple thermal management with custom copper core heatsinks that quickly disperse heat, resulting in cooler operating temperatures
  • Multiple units can be neatly streamlined and Power Linked to a maximum of 1200W
  • Energy savings of up to 55% compared to HID, which has a lower percentage
  • Easy maintenance with minimal to no cost as no bulb replacements, no ballast or reflectors required, and no need for additional cooling equipment
  • Unquestionably powerful with 2 X 50W fully integrated LEDs that deliver piercing intensity
  • Ideal coverage for 24” X 36” area at 12” above canopy
  • Proven environment-friendly with no mercury content and is 100% recyclable
  • Robust growth with at least twice the yield attained (watt for watt) when using HID
  • Safe hanging system with heavy duty ratcheting

Technical Specifications

Consumption of power



2 x 50 Watt Integrated


85- 265v

Input Current

.9A @ 110V

Operating Temperature

135°F -155°F

5-band Spectrum

660nm, 640nm, 525nm, 470nm, 440nm

Heat Management

Qty 2 - 80mm dual bearing fans


11” x 6.5” x 3"




2' x 3' @ 12" above the canopy

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