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Illuminator-180 Watt Jumbo UFO Grow Light

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Product Description

Instead of the conventional Tri-Band full spectrum design, The Illuminator-180 Watt grow light uses state-of-the-art 5-Band Tri Spectrum system, which is by far the most efficient technology combination that can produce the most superior yields possible. By developing “Peak Targeting” technology, this innovative 5-band system “intelligently” and scientifically maintains balanced proportions of photosynthetic allocations to each of the peak bands; thus, achieving all the desired peak photosynthesis efficiency values. By optimizing the use of the Red, Infrared, and Blue primary spectra; Prosource’s Illuminator-180 Watt Jumbo UFO grow light system delivers over 95% of absorbable light and the most favorable wavelengths necessary to support your plants through each phase of plant growth cycle. That’s four times more photosynthetic rate proficiency than the average tri-band system!


 4x the Photosynthetic Rate as your average Tri-Band
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  • 80% superior in cost and energy efficiency compared to Metal Halide and/or HPS lamps
  • Supplies the same quantity of absorbable light as that of a 600-watt HID (Note that 85% of HID-emitted light is wasted as non-absorbable light wavelengths.)
  • More than 50,000 hours life span
  • Safe to handle and operate – no danger of bulb explosion and does not burn plants
  • Minimal to no maintenance expenses; does not require ballast or bulb replacement
  • Adequately equipped with powerful built-in cooling fans so no supplementary cooling system is required
  • Discreet and environmentally safe with non-toxic, non-hazardous materials that don’t leave any thermal footprint
  • Relatively convenient to handle with a dimension of 14 inches X 4 inches and weighs only 14 lbs
  • Meets all ROHS and CE compliance requirements


  Technical Specifications

  • Output power of 180 watts/1.5 AMPS
  • Voltage – US @ 110V; European @ 220V
  • Operating temperature range from – 4°F to 104°F (approximately – 20°C to 40°C)
  • Configuration of 180 diodes X 1Watt each
  • Color Spectra elements of Red, Infrared and Blue
  • Approved and certified for 24-hour usage
  • Beam angle capabilities at varying degrees


Vegetation & Flowering

Model Light

Distance from Plants

Maximum Area

Light Footprint


12" - 24"

16 sq. ft.

4' x 4'


12" - 36"

25 sq. ft.

5' x 5'


18" - 48"

30 sq. ft.

6' x 5'


24" - 60"

63 sq. ft.

9' x 7'


Fruiting (Heavy Yield)

Model Light

Distance from Plants

Maximum Area

Light Footprint


6" or closer

4 sq. ft.

2'x 2'


6" - 18"

9 sq. ft.

3' x 3'


6" - 18"

16 sq. ft.

4' x 4'


10" - 18"

24 sq. ft.

6' x 4'

Recommendations for Optimized Installation

Remember that no two gardens are totally alike. Take note of the total grow area you need to cover and the approximate distance of emitted light from the plants. It is recommended that you try different variations when hanging your Illuminator-180 Watt Jumbo UFO grow light to see what works best for your garden. It is also important to keep in mind that seedling and young plants in the early phase of development should be kept at the farthest distance from the light to impede any severe damage.



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What’s the approximate (maximum) number of plants I can grow if I use the Illuminator?

  • It all depends on the eventual size you want for your plants. Also to be considered is the dimension of the area you want to cover. You could, in fact, grow a single small-sized or medium-sized plant using the 90W Illuminator, if you so wish; or you may want to grow nine tiny plants, neatly organized in SOG arrangement.

What is the maximum height that my plants can reach with a 90W Illuminator? Will they grow as tall or taller with 180W Illuminator?

  • The 90W Illuminator can easily keep a plant going to more or less three feet all. Conversely, the 180W Illuminator can prop up plants as tall as or over four feet in height.

When is the appropriate time to lower the lights for flowering?

  • Start with a 12-hour ON, 12-hour OFF lighting cycle, then gradually drop the lights down as soon as you notice the buds shaping up. Be careful not to drop the lights too soon as this can cause to stunted growth and less yield.

Is it normal for grow lights to have several very dim lights (some don’t seem to light up at all)?

  • Yes, it is quite normal. Keep in mind that these are infrared diodes and the light emission may not always be apparently visible. Rest assured though, that they are fully operational and functioning to help boost your plants’ growth.


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Product Reviews

  1. I'm Sold!!

    Posted by Donna on 26th Mar 2013

    This Jumbo UFO is the best light I've ever used. I had my veg. cycle done in about 22 days where my plant was about 28"s tall, then moved on to flowering for a total of 62 days. I finished with 5 1/2 ounces off a single plant with the use of just 1 light. The potency of this bud is off the chart and all my friends are sold on this LED cause they want their own herb and I'm not giving any more samples...Too bad..LoL...

  2. Anonymous Person from Monroe, MI United States

    Posted by holy veg on 26th Mar 2013

    I'm two weeks into the veg cycle and my five plants are thriving tremendously under only two 180's. I'm keeping a constant temp of 80 degrees and humidity 0f 40% and I'm pleasantly surprised. can't wait to light up the other four lights and start flowering in a few weeks. I'll update on my results in about three months